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One night, while having sex with your wife Belldandy in the missionary position, the lights suddenly go off.

You look down to see the silent, staring face of Uboa. Yet, the body beneath you is very much still Belldandy's. Your mind freezes in fear, but your body kept moving all on its own. You thrust and thrust, all the while expecting it to say something, but all you hear is the wet, rhythmic slamming of your cock in Belldandy's pussy, the sound of your own breath, and the beating of your heart.

Uboa doesn't make a single sound. You're not sure if it's even breathing. You could feel the body beneath you growing warmer, shivering involuntarily, and the pussy tightens around your cock. From past experience you know she's about to come - and so are you.

Finally you can hold it in no longer. You give it a final thrust, and then, as if possessed, you pull out and unload your seed all over Uboa's deformed face.


It lets out a soft, impossibly long sigh. You must have blinked, for the next moment you're looking down at Belldandy's blushing, cum-covered face, as if it had always been there.