Hit List

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ITT People from the Anime Industry that you would kill given the opportunity.

If i could kill anyone it would be the voice actress Cynthia Martinez. She has ruined more characters then any other. She has the most retched voice that could never be matched to any cunt.


I can never forgive her. I remember, i purchased Excel Saga many years ago. Later that day i had made my self a fine meal of bacon sandwiches. I was all hyped up to rewatch Excel Saga. I figured i could sit through 10 minutes of dubs while i ate since i had already seen it fansubbed. I was also very interested to hear who they found that could talk in that hyper active way. I pushed play and i RAAAAGED unlike i ever raged before over anime.

I swear if i ever have the resources to make her disappear off the face of the earth i will make i happen.