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I am a male aged 21. I live in an appartment. I work as a security guard 5 nights a week. I make 10 bucks an hour. Each week I take 100 bucks for my rent, and 50 for food and gas. the other 150 buck? Anime. Manga. Figures. Other assorted DVDs sometimes. My ex and I split up because she wanted me to choose between her and anime and manga. She didn't win. When I wake up, I watch anime and read manga. When I'm at work, I do the same. I discuss anime and manga online. If I leave the house, it's either for work or to buy more, although now I tend to use the internet more, as my local Best Buy sucks and there is no bookstore around me that carries manga. I've spent well over 3000 bucks on manga so far, with no plans to stop in the distant future. I've lost track of the anime I've bought. My tastes are varied, from Shojo to mecha, horror to comedy, shojo-ai to shonen-ai, Fanservice to lolicon. I make no effert to hide my way of life, dressing in anime shirts and hanging a FLCL wallscroll from my window for all to see. Evangelion Gashapons adorn my dashboard. I bought a VCR just to watch Final Fantasy: Legend of the Crystals. I spent 500 bucks to get all 50 volumes of Urusei Yatsura. I spent 70 on a copy of The Wings of Honneamise. 50 on a copy of Devilman. 80 on the FLCL box set. I put my hentai on my shelf right alongside my other anime. Anime and manga come before friends, before family, before my 16 month old son.

And most importantly, I'm PROUD of who I am.
I posted this at Toon Zone. They insulted me and called me 'Evil'. What do you think, /a/?