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Evangelion Shin Gekijōban: Jo Trailer

A trailer, following the credits for Evangelion: 1.0 You Are (Not) Alone, shows the film will feature:

* The launch of the provisional Unit 05.
* The adoption of Unit 02 and its pilot. This is shown in an air-drop sequence.
* The disappearance of Unit 04.
* The forced activation testing of Unit 03. Sequences featuring Unit 03 as Bardiel, confirming that the film will lead all the way to or past the events of episode 18 of the original series.
* A newly-designed Unit 06 and its unnamed pilot fly down from the Moon.
* Ghostly floating entities as yet unidentified in the series, resembling more human-like Adams with haloes, along with the words "Adams" and "Lilin+?" flashing between them
* Kaji briefly appears
* A sequence between Misato and Ritsuko from the battle with Leliel
* Asuka will be featured in this part. Scene is from when she fights Zeruel in front of the Geofront in the original series.
* A sequence featuring Shinji from the battle with Zeruel
* A sequence featuring Kaworu
* A newly introduced female character with brown hair and glasses, staring at cross-shapes in the sky.