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Supercoooool site ever made!!!-- its ---Red Interactive Agency!!![Virtual Hyperinteractive Site]
Hey any of u guys want to see some great live chatting and gaming site??? check this, This is really the coolest site of whole earth, so much better than
This site is about 3.4MB. To load this site in your browser you need to wait about one to three minutes depending upon your internet speed.
If you guys like the site i am gonna tell you some secret stuffs about this site, its called the secret characters or avatars.
After entering the virtual hyperinteractive chatroom you have to enable chat, that is must and you can see a chat box
at bottom. There you have to type some top secret codes for making other people go crazy. You can hit other people there by pressing
control key+shift key , for dancing use home key and also control key too. This site is very simplified, very easy to understand and very good than the stupid other virtual sites..better than yahooo, aol, etc.. you decide it ok??
Hope you guys meet me there ... see in Virtual Hyperinteractive Site . remeber its