did i miss something?

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ok, bleach was finally getting to a conclusion...i hoped.
ep 167 everyones in hueco mundo and it looks as though ichigo has finished off grimmjow. not a bad episode. i hope they wrap it up quickly its getting old
ep 168 switch to the shinigami side of thing. ok whatever i can do with a break from the fighting n/p
ep 169 wtf is this shit?! everyone back in the real world unscaved, no explations given and it descends into totally worthless filler.
i have come to expect crappy filler from bleach. but at least the last sets of filler tied into the story somewhat. this is just a total 180 into pure shit!
i avoided watching this show until about ep 120 hoping i could filter out the shit and have a conclusion pretty soon. looks like we are getting another inuyasha here