The Genki-motherfucking-Dama

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Alright you faggots, the Genki Dama fucking rocks, and I'm gonna tell you why.
Firstly, its made up of the collective energy of the entire fucking planet, if not the solar system, shit, thats a lot of fucking energy.
All this energy is contained in one bigasfuck energy ball, which Freeza thought for a second, might be the sun.
Yeah, thats big as shit.
When the ball is released, it pounds the living shit out of whoever it hits.
That fucker killed nearly EVERY Dragonball Z movie villain, as well as Majin Boo, Majin motherfucking Boo.
You need a pure heart to use the Genki Dama, so any chance of it being used by a badguy, is nil.
Lastly, the music when Son is collecting energy for that mother fucker, is epic as shit, Shunsuke Kikuchi composed the music for it, as well as the rest of Dragonball, so you know that shits awesome.
So raise your fucking hands in the air, and help me create one bigass mother fucking Genki Dama.