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The American animu market needs more consumers. Get off of your ass and go buy a DVD. Perhaps if animu started to sell more, the mainstream media would start taking animu more seriously. Also, if animu DVD sells started to get next to the Japanese DVD sells Japan would start marketing animu for American audiences. The closest thing we have to that is Bandai (a Japanese company that is investing in the American animu market). If the Japs market video games to us, who's to say they wont market animu to us. My statement isn't that outlandish. Naruto for example increased cartoon Networks kids and Teens demographic by 30% making Naruto the highest rated show of that demographic on cable. If Viz was to cut down on all the illegal downloading of Naruto they could probably make millions from Naruto DVD sells. Some reruns of reruns of Naruto receive 2.3 million ratings.

Remember, no matter how much times you look at art, you are *not helping the artist. Don't you want to support your favorite animu studio? In b4 people bitching about how they don't want animu to become mainstream.