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>If you are of the type that gets an infinite amount of laughs out of spreading the same one liner that everyone has probably heard a dozen times before you got around to it, do yourself a favour and read what BobServo has to say over on Something Awful about why I now believe the internet meme has replaced the witless pun as the lowest form of humour. After doing so perhaps you might come to appreciate why I often try hard to come up with jokes and self-coined definitions of my own and am so “uptight” as to not lace my blog articles with overused jokes that were probably never funny (and never will be). Here’s to good humour and a memeless Animehistory. Cheers!

Kaioshin gets butthurt easily, but he has a point. Most of these memes aren't funny anymore.

Of course, memes occur more often outside...but still memes aren't funny.