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>Azumanga doesn't have a plot. There is nothing in Azumanga that even vaguely resembles a story. So it must be character driven, right? However, Azumanga lack conflict and character development. The show covers 3 years of their lives (High School) and after 3 years all the characters look and act the same. umm wait Chyio-chan did change her hair style by putting her pig tails lower…

>Perhaps I’m being too critical on Azumanga, the source, a 4 panel comic can’t really give that much substance, right? However, I think about Lucky Star, also based on a 4 panel comic and realized how Lucky Star is superior to Azumanga in every possible way. In addition, the jokes come from the character in Lucky Star, not the character themselves being jokes.

>In this arc they also really delve into philosophy and psychology. The philosophical aspects were too in your face, reminding me of the extremely blatant Ghost in the Shell movies, especially Innocence. This is because of the delivery, long winded speeches from supposed sage. This wise old man steps on to the podium and lectures not only Kaiji but the viewer as well. There is nothing subtle about this nor was it very gray. As for the psychological aspects, visuals were often used to convey the inner struggles, its just that they really over did it. In addition, then they completely killed my suspension of disbelief when they were shown moving around on the beam.

Guys, is this one of you trolling?