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In highschool i admit that i was very much into anime and japanese culture. As a result I was somewhat of a social outcast. I faced many of the typical teenage issues and turned to anime to feel better. It allowed me to forget about the trouble i was having at school but only drove me deeper into my obsession, thereby creating a vicious cycle.
Time passed and i moved far away to college. A new beginning, new people, new FRIENDS that i barely had back home. I stopped watching anime all together and eventually settled into what most people consider to be an "average" college student. Thats me now - i go to class, play video games, go to the occassional party, and study. I think i am happy, i seem happy, i look happy and I probably am happy. Every time i stay up early into the morning, like this night, i think about who i used to be. I think about how much i loved anime and i think about the culture and the happiness it brought me; the way it made me feel and empathize with other people. I think about this and i slowly begin to sob. Anime, as much as I say i dislike it now, gave me a different prospective on life, and in a way separated me from everyone else. As shallow as it sounds, anime made me an individual. Now that i have moved on i am lifeless, a drone. I only wish that i hadn't let people tell me what was "normal" or what was "acceptable". I dont want to be normal anymore.