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Alright guys, I'm officially way, WAY, behind on my anime. I have no idea what half of the posts on this board are about... I must rectify this problem, and have stopped lurking to to ask what you think are awesome things that I'd like.

Things i've watched in no particular order:
Geneshaft (subbed on DVD)
Crest of the Stars (subbed on DVD)
Macross (dubbed, aka Robotech)
.Hack//Sign (subbed on DVD)
Dragonball Series (everything before GT)
Read or Die (missed the first half)
Rozen Maiden (few random episodes, but enjoyed)
Sailor Moon (first anime, i was little. stfu.)
Druaga (many lols were had)
Evangelion (mindfuckery!)
Tenchi Series (doubleplus awesome, dubbed tho)
Outlaw Star (dubbed on DVD)

Basically, toonami's bastardizations give or take a few. I pretty much enjoy all anime, and haven't found anything i'd consider crappy yet.

What do you guys suggest the next thing i should watch be?

In return, best picture of Asuka i've seen all year