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Okay. Well, at first, I saw my brother watching this series. At first I was like "what is this series?" Then I heard about this Naruto thing. So I decided to check it. I read the biograpy and was amazed of the plot. I'm not really a fan of action. But this series is not only about fighting. You will not like Naruto if you don't know the real story of it. Some of my classmates are saying that "Naruto sucks!" And I'm just saying that "You just don't know the story. That's ...why you hate it." Each of the characters has their own talents, dreams, and sad pasts. Especially Naruto, Gaara, and Sasuke. Sometimes I'm annoyed that there are tons of characters in the story.

I gave all 10 because the story is great, especially the art. All of the characters has unique looks. Character, all of them has a story and has their own dreams, it made me inspired. Enjoyment, sometimes my mother would ask me if I'm crazy or something. I mean, laughing, talking, and crying in front of the computer? xD

Overall, 10 Outsanding. =)

This is the very first Japanese dubbed anime I've ever watched. The anime I've watched is either in English or Tagalog dub. This anime made me addict and interested in anime. Before, I didn't know anything about anime. So, yeah.

Okay, I'll stop now. xD