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>>This time it’s no rumour or anything of the sort, it’s been confirmed in the TV schedule itself and not 2ch. Speculation places the reason on the recent earthquakes in China and the plotline now moving into dealing with the Chinese Federation. So I guess you can call it a part of Japan’s sudden newfound cautionary censorship that they never even had 2 years ago. Of course others have speculated that it has to do with the ratings, which I think if it were the case they would have just announced they were cancelling the series out of hand instead of bumping an episode 1 week.

And I doubt they’re going to change anything blablabla Sunrise are panderers blablabla, because honestly why would that help at all if the main problem is the timeslot regarding ratings (which again probably isn’t the case). Honestly though I don’t quite mind about the postponement as I’m a patient guy and it’ll give me a week off from the double summaries, which are honestly quite time consuming when you’ve got a full time job and a gaming hobby also going for you. :p


Even though I'm chinese, fuck you China.

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