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I have a problem.. and I want to know how to overcome it.

I love anime.. I've watched quite a few in my life.. But I have this problem. I will download maybe 10 new animes to watch, and will end up never watching them. Every time I try, I just end up not wanting to watch more than one episode at a time.. Even if I love it. Sometimes I fell in love with something enough to watch 20+ episodes a day, but not in months.

Does anyone else have this 'problem'? I WANT to watch more stuff.. I have the time and I have the series.. But I just can't :(

..You know.. I'm like this with video games too. I start many, and just never finish them.. Or I buy a bunch, and never even play them for more than 5 minutes.. I guess I'm just a faggot and I suck.