Kotomi thread.

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btw, just started on the VN. Kotomi's bad end didn't make me BAWWW, but the last line was particularly hard hitting.

// Resources for SEEN4999.TXT

#character '*B'

<0000> Kotomi
// ことみ
Okazaki <0001> The school weekday.
// Alt - A normal schoolday. - Kinny Riddle

<0002> I was sitting in a chair in an empty room where there's no one.

<0003> I stare over the empty space... at the empty sky.

<0004> \{\m{B}} "In the end... I ended up returning here..."

<0005> Even if I murmur to myself, I'm empty inside.

<0006> I wonder if a life like this will someday change too.

<0007> I wonder if the day when everything will change, will come?

<0008> I close my eyes.

<0009> Someday, surely, that day will come.

<0010> Right now... The only friend I have is time.