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Just finished watching it

As many /a/nons said, it's really slow, but it was actually pretty interesting. Very moody, which I enjoy in animes since ones that lack mood usually instead have lots of screaming teenagers shooting lasers and big breasted females rubbing their tits all over everything.

The Art was also fucking gorgeous, some of the best I've seen ever, and that's not an understatement. I know there will be some that wont agree with me, but not only did the art do a great deal for the atmosphere of the movie, it plainly looked fucking dazzling. The fight sequence, albeit short, made me have an eyegasm. I cant wait till some of the more action oriented chapters, thats when the adaptation will really shine.

The music also complimented the movie very well, and like the art, really added a whole lot to express the atmosphere.

Overall, while its unfair to judge one movie vs. two whole series, it really did a lot more to create the setting of the story than the F/SN or Tsukihime animes did to their respective stories. I'm really looking forward to the next few chapters.

tl;dr KnK was awesome, and this is a KnK thread.