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Alright guys, so I've basically decided that I have not seen enough Anime/read Manga to call myself a worthy otaku/weaboo.

Sure, I KNOW of many series but I haven't seen enough.

Last couple I can remember seeing:

Sailor Moon
Saint Seiya
Dragon Ball
Cowboy Bebop
2 eps of Lucky Star
One Piece
Naruto (no Shippunden or filler though)
Full Metal Alchemist
YuYu Hakusho
Just finised NG Evangelion and am in the process of watching the movies.
Early Pokemon
Ruroni Kenshin
Death Note

and that's basically it.

It's a long-ish list... but not really all that great.

So /a/ give me a good comprehesive list of what I need to watch now; I pretty much liked all the series I've seen... give or take a couple of episodes and ridiculous cliches but meh.

tl;dr - Uh... tell me what to watch guys.

Oh btw, I'd rather some suggestions for manga... I don't have much time for anime.