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Code Geass is a show made by marketing people for the sole purpose of selling DVDs to the very same people that already bought the Gundam Seed Destiny DVDs. Everything on this show, even (or should I say 'especially'?) the writing, is based on demographic analysis and popularity polls. The show has various elements of anime/manga that have been popular in the recent past but fails to combine them under a coherent plot. It has an anti-hero main character who uses his intelligence and strategy to win his battles, it has a beamspam jesus with wallrun/spinkick powers, it has tits, ass, four different lolis, a shota, hinted straight as well as gay incest, a lot of hinted faggotry and fabulous character designs by clamp. The show itself, despite being flashy and overly melodramatic, is rather dull. While it works under the premise of being intelligent, the show rarely goes into detail and doesn't really offer much insight into underlying coherences (like death note did, at least during the first half) to the viewer.