Name of this anime/info on it?

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/a/, I come to you for some help. I was recently in China town, picking up DVDs of the most obscure anime I could find, and stumbled across an HK set for a mysterious 50-episode series. I've seen 10 episodes so far, but I still can't identify the name of this series; the title screen is in Japanese and everything on the box is in either Chinese or Japanese. Its an older show, looks to be from some time in the 80's, and is a children's show. The story revolves around a group of little gnome-like people living in the forest, who came here from another planet, and a group of their children who find/befriend a sickly little girl living with her uncle and bitchy caretaker in a mansion in their forest. I've had a tough time looking it up, since the title screens and box are all in Japanese, and since I'm not positive of most of the main charcter's actual names, due to Engrish-y HK subtitling, and the ones I can understand being rather normal/generic sounding names from many shows. I'll post some screenshots, and if anybody can help me identify it, I'd be most gracious.