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Apperently episode 9 of Geass is being postponed from it's June 1st airing due to the earthquakes in China.

"About the postpone...
It's not schedule problem, definately. They are not falling behind.
The VAs finished recording Turn 12 on May 12th. Now it's 22th, they should be working on Turn 13 already. 6 episode in stock is actually very good.

And I doubt rating has anything to do with it. How's that going to help anything? Nobody wants to see some stupid Navi instead of Turn 9. I won't be surprised if the rating drop below 1% for the Navi.
Not to mention the only ones bitching about the rating are the viewers. Sunrise & sponsors never had a word about it.

The decision was made in a hurry. At least when the 3 main anime magazines (Newtype, Animage, Animedia) were published, they were still planning on showing Turn 9 on June 1. So it's something that happened during the past 2 weeks.

I believe it has more to do with the tragedy in China. Tens of thousands died. It's really not a good time to criticize China... or from Lelouch's track records, create earthquakes or landslides in China. Very, very inappropriate.

People in Japan are sensitive about this kind of things. Full Metal Panic! was postponed 2 seasons because of 911. And because a highschool girl chopped her dad with an axe, several TV stations canceled airing of Higurashi (halfway!) and the last episode of School Days. I wouldn't be surprised if Code Geass postpone 2 inappropriate episodes to prevent the whole show getting flammed."