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Alright. You're talking about what? Some anime you watch, some dumb manga you're reading? Let's talk about something important.
Listen. /co/ doesn't like you. I don't like you. Nobody likes you. Nobody likes your interests, and it's your fault that we have trolls and stupid anime porn being posted in /co/. Get the fuck out of our board, out of 4chan, and take your stupid crap with you. Who am I to say this? FUCK YOU, that's who. I run /co/, and I can take over this board just as easily.
I don't want to see anymore goddamn anime of any kind, no more Goku vs Superman shit, no more Guts vs Captain America, no more Avatar, One Piece, whatever, because as we all know, anime sucks. You hear me you fucking faggots? You don't want a hostile takeover, keep to the steerage you were so graciously given.