Good, obscure cyberpunk?

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Anyone have a good list? Even if the plot isn't much at all, if the art/atmosphere/action/etc is good then it's still worth it. Cyber City Oedo 08 might be a good example of this. A bad one ... Genocyber.

I've seen:
AD Police Files
Armitage (and the meh OVA's)
Bubblegum Crisis / 2040
Cyber City Oedo 08
Ergo Proxy
Ghost in the Shell movies / SAC (watching)

Wow, worst list ever. I can't think of anything, so hopefully you guys can help. I think older stuff tends to capture the Cyberpunk atmosphere a little better ... BG OVA is a good example, as cheesy as it is. Love the setting and art.

Stuff I have but haven't really cared to watch: Angel Cop, Battle Angel, and Guyver.