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Omg hai ^___^ I'm mei-san and I absolutely luuuv @_____@ animes <3 and my fav is Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann!!! Okies so anyways, im going to tell you about the BEST day of my life when I met my hot wife Yoko!! <333333333 OMFGZ HE WAS SOOOOO FREAKIN KAWAII AND SEXY IN PERSON!!! Supa kawaii desu!!!!!!!! ^_______^When I walked onto Tokyo street =^____^=I looked up and saw...YOKO!!!!!!!!! <33333333333333333333333333333333333!!!!!!!!!" KONNICHIWA OMGZZZZZZZZZ SUPA SUPA SUPA KAWAII YOKO-SAMA!!!!!!!!" I yelled n_____n then she turned chibi then un-chibi!!she looked at me [O.O;;;;;;;] and then she saw how hot I am *___* she grabbed my hand and winked ~_^ then pulled me behind a pocky shop o_o and started to kiss me!!!!!! [OMG!!! HIS TOUNGE TASTED LIKE MOLEPIG STEAK!!! RLY!! >.> <.< *(^O^)* *(^O^)* *(^O^)*] then I saw some baka fat network technician watching us and I could tell he was undressing her with his eyes!!!!!!!!!! [ -___________-;;;;; OMG I COULDN'T BELIEVE IT EITHER!!! (ò_ó) (ò_ó) (ò_ó)] so I yelled "UH UH BAKA NEKO THAT'S MY WOMAN WHY DON'T YOU GO HOOK UP WITH NIA CAUSE YOKO-SAMA LOVES ME!!! (ò_ó)" then yoko held me close =^______^= and said he would only ever love me and kissed me again!!!!!!! ** (*O*)/ then we went to his apartment and banged all night long and made 42 babies and they all became diggers!!!!!!!! Nyaaaaa!!! (^__________<) ^______________________^;;;;;;;;