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The belief held by certain groups that fans of Naruto and Bleach are “tards” is unfair and arrogant. Some people hate Naruto because it’s popular. I have nothing further to say about them. Others avoid Naruto and Bleach because they’re not “intellectually stimulating”. Perhaps. However stories don’t need obscure allusions, mysterious alliterations, and gnostic symbols to be entertaining. As long as a shonen series has like-able characters, intelligent battles, believable villains, and an unpredictable plot, people will read it.

A big part of the appeal of Naruto is the message that emotional bonds and friendship are important. Most of the villains in Naruto: Orochimaru, Pain, Konan, Itachi, and Gaara (before he met Naruto) are loners with terrible childhoods who used their traumas as an excuse to become psychopathic. In contrast protagonists such as Jiraiya, Yamamoto, Tsunade, Sakura, and Naruto are sociable people with deep ties to their friends and villages. The conflict around Sasuke is pivotal to this theme. His character is faced with a difficult choice: he can have either “friendship, happiness, and bonds” or “ambition, revenge, and loneliness” but not both. If Naruto and his friends succeed in their quest to redeem him, he will become like the reformed Gaara but if they fail then he’ll become twisted and evil like Orochimaru or Tobi.