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For those of you who haven't heard about it - "Tsukihime" is the most famous and best selling dojin game in Japan.. Its creators are TYPE-MOON and they are the same ones who made the animation for the series..

The story: It follows one of the 5 storylines written in the game.. The main character is Shiki Tohno, a normal high-school student at first glimpse, who has a very uncommon power - he can "see" the lines of death on every thing or creature. Driven from t...he circumstances and a promise he gave to one of his friends, he starts to hunt down vampires with Arcueid Brunestud - a mysterious girl that turns out to be a.. nope, end to spoilers ^_^

The animation: There's not much to tell, absolutely flawless.. TYPE-MOON have really outdone themselves.. Prepare yourself for something not so typical but certainly enjoying.

The audio: A really cool soundtrack, starting with gothic music, going through religious, rhythmic, ballads and many, many more.. (I ended up with the CDs ^_^')

Characters: I've never seen such character contrast in another anime - moods like quiet, cheerful, carefree, mixed, strict, traditional and so on can be found here. And yet the only thing that connects the characters is unique personality and a dark past..

Enjoyment: Can't think of another series with only 12 series that are connected so skillfully, everything looks so full and after it ends you want more and more..

Overall: Why I liked this anime ? Cause of everything written up and the fact that the story continues if you play Tsukihime and Melty Blood, so I'm giving it a 10+ mark!