Flawless logic.

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From what I have seen /a/nons like to debate there is no such thing as a woman who can be "GAR" but let us dig into the roots of how Gar generated.

On a post after episode 15 of F/SN was aired, a typo was made claiming "I AM GAR FOR ARCHER" (A mistype of "I AM GAY FOR ARCHER") thus the name Garcher was born.

If it were possible for a Girl to reach the level of bad assery to the point that she was respected more then just someone who needs to gb2/kitchen, was stronger then most men, would be able to make straight women go bi and were able to compete with any of the males equally for the title "KING OF GAR" then that woman would have to be... Ciel.

tl;dr Women can be Gar, here is my proof.