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I'm sorry the evil otaku came and ruined your childhood memories of Macross, but this has been and still is the stupidest fucking thing discussed in the thread. It isn't an issue of 'ignoring the problem'. There are shows that are much, much worse about fanservice with more serious subject matter. Macross Frontier is the latest show in a series that originally was out to toss darts at other mecha shows during it's time, and it ended up a lot bigger than the creators probably ever intended.

In no way has any of the fanservice gotten in the way of the usual Macross formula of really cool jets blowing the fuck out of everything and anything. PedoKlan shows up ONCE and every person with some sort of moral high horse decides to twist their panties in a bunch and whine about how it ruined the show for them forever. In one sense, this makes those people not much better than those that jerk off to the stupid tyke because they are the ones envisioning shit that hasn't even happened in the show proper, just in the deluded fantasies of some half talented dimwit nipponese pervert artist with no concept of sexual relationships. It hasn't stopped there being any really smart/'mature' (or psuedo smart/'mature') shows from being produced. THere's going to be perverts in Japan. What is your solution to that? Nuke 'em again? Stop catering to the largest money tree that actually will go out and support, with real money, shit the rest of us internet armchair politicians sit and STEAL? Get fucking real. We aren't their market. We are gaijin outsider bastards. We think and feel different than who they really care about. That doesn't mean we can't like this shit, but it does mean we're going to see stuff we may or may not care for.