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As a Japanese speaker, I find it hard to not notice how well-written the dialogs in Gurren-Lagann are compared the medium in animation. For a small comparison, everyone talks like they're in some kind of modern Kabuki-Shakespeare. Kamina is almost singing, his speeches rhyme and have symmetrical meter.

I mean, watch the conversation between Lord Genome and Anti-Spiral in episode 26, and listen to Kamina's speech to Simon. The switch between questions ending in -ka and vowels ending with -a making it sound so goddamn perfect and natural, but it's hard as hell to talk like that normally.

I would hate to be the guy Bandai hires as translator on this show, probably the harder work on my whole career. I also find it funny BSS, subbers for GL, also took on Kurenai, which is probably the show with the best dialog writing since Gurren-Lagann. They do a decent job, but they're really not filling the shoes of the original script.