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Jin-Ho for Saigar 2009.

1. steals money from wallets he finds on the floor
2. accuses his (hot) teacher of watching porn
3. walks into women's bathrooms fearlessly
4. watches pornography at school, even while another girl is in the same room
5. 41st in class of 43
6. drinks himself into oblivion with his (hot) teacher
7. fights a man-hating lesbian
8. coerces a bitch into removing her skirt
9. beats the shit out of said bitch
10. beats the shit out of school gang
11. acts like a total dick around everybody, but somehow manages to get apologized to at every turn
12. gets his teacher and a girl who has a crush on him to make dinner for him
13. seduces said (hot) teacher without trying
14. seduces said (hot) teacher's half-sister, also without trying
15. is not a virgin

I'm afraid Guts can't even compete here.