CG Sound Stages

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The recordings can be downlaoded from
Just scroll down to "Sound Episode" and click on it.

This is about all I could compile... which is all there was in the last thread, so don't get your hopes up. It's missing the following translations:

Sound Stage 5:
0.911 - The Meeting with Millay
5.831 - Orange Peel

Sound Stage 6
0.916 - Black King
21.534 - Final Invitation

Sayoko's Diary #1
Sayoko's Diary #5
Sayoko's Diary #8

Numbers MIGHT be wrong as I had to correct quite a few while I was ordering everything (And I just figured out my powerlevel is high enough to at least count to 10 on Japanese, go figure) and I'm too lazy to download the untranslated ones just to check.

So there, if you know where to find any of these post them.