Very Desperate!

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/a/nime I need help looking for any site that streams or I can download "A Chinese Ghost Story" can't seem to find it anywhere and i'm too poor to buy it ;_;.

Heres the synopsis in case you might be confused as to what it is:

In China of days past, a young man is traveling the countryside collecting on old debts. But the rustic countryside is a land full of ghosts, along with a few eccentric exorcists bent on getting rid of them and showing each other up. In one corner is a boisterous fellow by the name of Redbeard and his giant ghost-busting mecha, and in the other is White Cloud and his sidekick, two monks with a passion for wiping out wayward spirits. When our intrepid traveler and his mutt happen upon a passel of spirits, he's saved and warned by one of those exorcists, but he's never been very good at following maps, and he finds himself in a ghost town that's quite crowded... with ghosts. In addition to the sights and sounds of the "city", the young fellow meets a rather pretty dead girl who's "dead" set (sorry) on grabbing his soul for her employer. But there's something more than that between them, and their bond will take them on one heck of a ride...