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All right, Eurofags, let's settle this important issue once and for all.

Who does Japan shit on more in terms of stereotyping, hilariously ignorant caricatures, and general unflattering portrayals -- the Royal Kingdom of the Europedian Union (particularly Britannia) or the UNITED STATES OF IN AMERICA?

In the red (white, and blue) corner:
America (FUCK YEAH):
+ Generally not depicted as outright malicious
- Generally depicted as far more obnoxious weeaboos, ultimately ineffectual, and dumber than a sack of AMERICAN NICKELS dipped in distilled retard blood
- lol black people lol

In the also-red (white, and blue) but kinda foggier corner:
+ Generally depicted as infinitely smarter than those silly Americans and their nonsensical laughter
- Generally depicted as evil as fuck and REEEEEALLY hung up on their former imperialistic glory, though with an excellent secret library service
- lol Protestants and Catholics lol

No objectivity, no civility, round-eyes only, FINAL DESTINATION. LADYYYYYYYYYYYYY, FIGHT-O!

Non-Britfags, feel free to defend Europedia's honor.