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-i'm 23, and i feel ashamed i still like anime. i thought i was going to quit as soon as i got into college, but it only got worse.

-My favorite anime last year was potemayo, but i will curse and call a faggot at anyone that likes moe anime.

-even though i liked potemayo, i got persuaded by the more sane /a night citizens and started watching MANLY anime just so i could say MANLY in this board. Now i am a MANLY anime addict. currently reading new grappler baki.

-i have never gotten emotional with any anime whatsoever (grave of the fireflies? fuck that shit). but when i started reading MANLY manga like Sanctuary and MANLY anime like Fist of the North star OVA: Toki's story, i feer a lump in my throat everytime they cry manly tears.

-i still prefer potemayo though