Is this true?

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It's from Producer Kawaguchi's "Just Between the Two of Us" corner in e-magazine #7 (last week's).

According to Kawaguchi, he received the latest update from Director Taniguchi on Carve-tan (known among Japanese fans as Kabeko, literally "Wall Girl"). Carve-tan returned to the Britannian momeland, safe but not quite sound. Every night she runs out of her house and makes attempts to get to the Ashford Academy wall in Area 11. Her family, suspecting something very wrong with her, took her to the hospital, where she was subsequently (mis)diagnosed as suffering from an inexplicable case of sleepwalking. Confined to her house every night, she now leads a somewhat normal life...

Kawaguchi adds that the time difference between Britannia and Japan is the reason why she makes all her attempts at night. The story ends with a heartfelt "The Geass is truly a scary thing." from him.