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Matsuyama Kenichi & Gene Simmons - Detroit Metal City

>Gene Simmons from the popular US rock band "KISS," will be featured in the upcoming "Detroit Metal City" film, starring Matsuyama Kenichi. The storyline is about a young man, who goes to Tokyo with dreams of becoming a pop singer. Unwittingly, he becomes the charismatic Johannes Krauser II, the singer for the demonic looking death metal band, "Detroit Metal City." Gene Simmons will be in a role as the Demon God of Rock and Roll. Mr. Simmons made a hasty trip to Japan in March, to film an important scene for the climax of the movie in a live house located in Daiba, Tokyo. The video clip is from the filming of the scene. Matsuyama Kenichi and Mr. Gene Simmons are both really awesome in this. Plus a short interview with the two stars towards the end. "Detroit Metal City" is set for the big screen on August 23rd 2008.

Are all of you even prepared to handle this? Do you know how funny and awesome this will be? This movie is going to have some amazing metal music and fucking Gene Simmons is in the same movie as L. Matsuyama is perfect for Krauser, he is a good actor and Detroit Metal City should probably be one of the better manga-to-live action transitiions than we've had in a while.

Detroit Metal City has got to be one of the most underrated manga that I've seen, I see it on the same level as Kaiji in terms of how good I think it is. Go download and read this stuff now, /a/.