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Hiya tae a' ye Blood-sookin' Numpties

Mah name is Alexander Anderson, an' ah hae every wan e ye. A' o ye are peely-wally, glaekit, nae-life bawbags wha' spend a' their time oan the sulliest ae shite. Ye make me boak. Ah mean come oan, since ye arnae Ghouls dis tha' mean ye've never shagged a burd before? Ah mean, ah guess it's fun slaggin' fowk cause ae yer aen insecurities, but you a' take it tae a whole new level. Yer a' fullae pish.

Dinnae be a shitebag. Gies yer best shot. Ah'm a jammy bastard. Tidy bod, ahm chuffed wi' mah hair, gid at killin' hings, an' ah hae a technique developed by humans tae pagger the likes o' ye. Whit hings kin you dae, other than "latchin' ontae fowks necks like a Weegie oan welfare"? Ah also git tae square go wi' pagans, an' a've goat a bunch ae tidy wee lassies ahm shaggin' right noo (they jist sooked mah dokey; wis braw). Ye a' are fannies wha' should jus oaf yersels fer gid. Noo git tae fuck.

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