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Howdy, /a/, just a casual /co/ckhead coming through, with a little bit of an inquiry.

Now, I know that not all manga/anime have characters that can be considered "superheroes": as a matter of fact, most don't.

But, well, I'm doing a little projecton the conception of superheroes, and one thing that I need a little help with is the tropes that tend to guide capes in the East.

Let me explain: There are several broad categories that can be applied to American superheroes. Your Godlike Saints (Superman, Thor), your Brooding Loners (Punisher, Batman), and your Hyperkinetic Jesters (Spider-Man, Flash).

Anyway, I don't really know very many of these tropes for manga. So far, the only ones I've been able to tease out are Magical Girls, Giant Monster Fighters (like Ultraman, I guess), and Super-Detectives.

Care to help me out?