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I finished watching Haruhi just earlier and it made me realize how much Lucky Star sucks.
1) They spend a frikin' episode talking about how to eat food, ONE FRIKEN' EPISODE
2) The characters are as stupid as hell and so is the theme song and everything else about it
3) The fandom is just made up of annoying fat weeaboos who only like it for the lolis.
4) They won't fuckin' shut the fuck for five seconds.
Reasons why Haruhi's superior

1) The characters are deep, complex yet sympathic and feel human. 2) The show is full of twists and turns that you'll never see coming a mile away. 3.) Haruhi is the sexiest, most intelligent, best female character lead ever created. Period.

tl;dr Lucky Star is shit and you should all watch Haruhi Suzumiya instead.