Neon Genesis Evangelion Insanity

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Chapter 1

* Insert Evangelion Opening music*
Neon Genesis Evangelion Insanity// chapter one, My name is Kai Ikari
My name is Kai Ikari, I'm 14 15years old, and I currently hate my life. I mean My mom died in a "car crash" and my father, dosn't love me. My next door neighbers are michle jhackson, and Rosie O'donaled. And my cat was from a pet cemitary. Any way, I thought my life would never have goten any worse... Until one fate full day.
- Kai is wearing womens cloathing-
Oh c-ap wrong clip (Blushing)... let's go back a little.
-Kai is siting on a bench, thinking about his ****** up life.
Kai: I wonder what would happen if a giant monster attacked some random town today? That would e freaking awesom.. but it could never happen, could it?
-A random women jumps out of her car and drags Kai in.-
Women: No you're...
Kai: * Flailing around* You will not get my goods
Women: Hey all I i'm going to do is...
women: What!? NO!! I'm here to take you to the base? Didn't you get the letter your father sent you?
Kai: Ugh....
-flash back-