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ITT let's try to find some acceptable English parallels in the Japanese language so we can not sound like weeaboo's if we have to translate shit.

Personally I remember this huge shitstorm about how "chan" means little in Japanese and thousands of anons saying that was wrong. When if you look at it from the naming perspective (removing slang for convenience) it DOES make sense to substitute "chan" as little.


Little Suzy.


Little Chiyo.

Only thing it doesn't work with is the use of it inside larger words like "oniichan" or a similar title given to older brothers. In which case my idea would to simply try and get off she's trying to be cute the best way possible. How do you do this?

Think about what's considered cute here in America. Is a little girl calling her older brother "older brother" cute? Nope not really. Ironically a little girl calling her brother "bro" IS cute if pulled off correctly.

Of course "oniichan" only seems to appear when people want to induce a feeling of pedophilia in the viewer/reader.