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Here is one thing that has been bothering me all day /a/. I want to know if its been getting on your nerves as well.

Kallen was introduced to Nunnaly in season one yes? And Nunnaly was introduced as Lelouch's sister.

Ergo, why does she show absolutely no reaction to the fact that Lelouch's sister has become the new governor of Area 11? Has she just forgotten?

Another question this brings up: When Kallen confronted Lelouch right before he was going to shoot up on refrain, she talked about how it was just one loss, and that it doesn't mean much. She thought Lelouch should come up with a new plan for this "loss" of his. It seems she was taking things literally and thinking Lelouch was being emo because he had failed in his objective to capture the governor during their last mission. She seems oblivious to the fact that Lelouch having to fight his own sister might cause some problems.

And considering all of that... how the hell was she not able to figure out that Lelouch was actually of royal blood? Is Kallen just retarded or was there some kind of phantom mind wipe that occurred when we weren't looking?