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Britannia is an exaggeration of American imperialism and racism, but that's not surprising given how three producers on Geass staff have expressed extreme anti-American views. Perhaps more humiliating though is how Sunrise depicts the Japanese as total goons, unable to do anything by themselves and act only as slaves.

Notice the only good pilots in this series are Britannian, and the few Japanese pilots who can go toe to toe with them are one or two levels weaker. Not only that, whenever Zero, a Britannian isn't giving the Japanese orders they are all but slaughtered. During the Black Rebellion the Order had the upper hand and almost won, but suddenly Zero's gone and the whole organization collapses like a Jenga tower with its cornerstone removed.

Sunrise is bashing both the Japanese and Americans with Geass, and the shitty fangirls and fucktarded fatass otaku in Japan are lapping this shit up.