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ITT: Dub voice actors we feel aren't as talented as they are made out to be.

Johnny Yong FUCKING Bosch was a great Black Ranger. I liked his Itsuki, I liked his Kuhn. But when he's put in for roles such as Ichigo from Bleach or Lelouch from Code Geass, it just doesn't work.

AND all his voices sound the same. Sure, he may have a lighter tone on some of his voices, but it's still his same voice.

Now, if we want to talk about someone with talent, let's talk about Crispin Freeman. He's the Norio Wakamoto of America. He pulled off Kyon in the Haruhi dub beautifully, and you wouldn't have expected he would be able to do such a role.

tl;dr: JYB is talentless, Crispin Freeman should get more respect than he already does.