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Pro-tip: Spike might care to argue this point.

Myth 2: Code Geass != Death Note != Gundam Seed

Spoiler: Lelouch isn't supposed to be as patently evil as Light. He isn't the zomg kawaii Kira Yamato that fangirls would riot in the streets over either.

Expect major characters to die in R2. Knowing Geass, the plot won't always be up to par in giving characters the deaths they deserve.

Rollo is definitely going to die. Characters introduced in the later parts of a series rarely live to the end/are important to the series.

Orange will die. Orange's woman will probably live.

The Emperor and VV will die. Trying to kill God for bring back lost waifu never really works so well in animu(i.e. Gendo Ikari)

Suzaku will not die, despite how many fans hate him. He will probably become leader of Japan after Britannia falls. In the highly unlikely event that Suzaku does die, he will die sacrificing himself for the 'greater good'/Japan/fluffy bunnies after turning on the Empire.

If Lelouch doesn't die (doubtful) he will become some leader within the reformed empire. It's probably going to be an attempt at shock of "ZOMG main character died", ala Spike's death in Cowboy Bebop.

CC will probably die, as there really isn't any happy ending for her in the 'new world'.

It's hard to say whether Kallen will die or not. If Lelouch lives, I expect she will die. If he dies, I expect she will live. I see her only death in the series being protecting Zero's life.

Naturally, this assumes an ending that isn't an Evangelion-style mindfuck ending latent with religious symbolism and social commentary.