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The episode starts off with Emp.Charles giving a speech on Social Dawinism, soon it changes to the scene which Lelouch is in Bed with Rolo looking after him, With lelouch having a nightmare about the previous episode, calling out nunally's name much to Rolo's sadness. when Nunnally is giving her inaugragtion speech she told the nation that she will recreate the special administrative region of japan to everyone's Chargin and make's Lelouch fall into a state of depression realizing that Nunually is creating her world that he orginially fought for. soon in the Black Knights Base of operation boat, Kaguya arrives and tells the Black knights not to worry, and later forms a group that consist of Kallen, C.C and herself and dedicate themselves to Zero's. much to C.C's and Kallen Embarrasment, espically Kallen after Shinichirō told Kaguya that Zero's hitting on her.