Another religious group attacks anime and manga

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Another religious group known as SPAP (Stop Permitting Animated Pornography) has taken a stand against Anime and Manga, and is asking for a complete ban and to prosecute anyone who buys or sells such materials. Here is a statement from their website.

"Animation can be used to spread God's will or promote evil. In the last of many years filth from Japan has hit our shores and caused an plague which we alone cannot stop. We ask our government to do the right thing and issue an alert and make it illegal and to prosecute companies and people who distribute either online, or sell it in a store or even give it away, or broadcast it or allow people to borrow it like in libraries, because we must not sway from God's intentions. We must not be tempted by this evil. We must burn and destroy everything which can corrupt people and blanket it away from out children's eyes and hearts, and then bring the sinners back, by allowing them to read the bible and see God's graces."