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About two years ago, I wrote a short story for my creative writing class in High School. It was a sci-fi story that took place in a future where a person's memories and personality could be downloaded onto a computer chip after you died, and after doing X about of work for the government in a government computer (brain work, mathmatics, you name it), you would be given a new body so that you could "live" again. However, there are also issues with body snatchers (people that hijack your body) in this world, because you could transfer from body to body. I told this story using using a medium two lost lovers that were separated by death, searching for each other while jumping from body to body to find each other. I felt this view point would give the best method to explaining the world. I got 100%.

Today, 2 years after writing this story, I watched Kaiba. Massive bricks were shat. Somehow, Japan pulled a hivemind with me. The only difference is that I didn't really profit off my idea outside of a passing grade.

In b4 GitS. That show focused on AI, not body swapping. Given that body swapping was in it, it was not nearly as prominent of a theme.