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So... I was wondering, has anybody else RAGEd at ifyouwas.com? I just did.

I guess most of you know veoh. It is like youtube, only pretty much better. Better quality. This means that I can watch subbed anime with better quality than youtube without having to download the whole episodes.

Thing is, if you look for "Code Geass R2" in veoh, what you get is a full ten pages of spam. Spam made, apparently, by ifyouwas.com. A site that has Naruto as its mascot, apparently.

And the services they provide, for which you get ten pages of veoh videos full of the same fucking "ad", is them linking to their site, where you can watch anime. Anime that they don´t host themselves, as far as I can tell. How ironic that they link you back to veoh to watch some of the episodes! Others go straight to megavideo...

And they ask for donations as well. For what? Well, I don´t know, because I don´t think having a site full of links really consumes that much bandwidth. I´m not too technologically savvy, though, so I might be wrong.

So, what do you guys think about this?