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Mushishi displays just how shallow Anonymous has grown in the past few years. Anything considered "underrated" immediately draws the attention of the hivemind, like the indie loving retards who fondle over their pretentious bands that no one knows or cares about. While masturbating to the latest Naruto chapter, /a/ssholes will cite such series as Mushishi to prove their superiority over other weeaboos.

The show has little to no action. At times it felt like I was watching an animated version of Shadow of the Colssus in slow motion. The muted colors and atmospheric music certainly don't help as you pry your eyelids open to watch the poor excuse for animation. 50% of the time the screen is a close up of the main character's face, 40% is a close-up of the generic character of the week, and the last 10% is floating jellyfish. What genius came up with the idea of making Earth's earliest life forms look like children's drawings?

The tree hugging overtones can become sickening at times. If you're a man that enjoys recreational activities such as hunting, lumber jacking, and beating up your imaginary wife in a drunken rage, then this show will give your wife a whole new set accidents. The author makes it obvious she loves every living thing, but why she made her point with imaginary creatures and not your run-of-the-mill PETA chicken videos is a complete mystery. I suppose the Japanese empathize with fiction better than reality, since they're still unwilling to admit their national drinking and pedophile problem.

In conclusion, Mushishi = indie shadow of the colossus hippie love bullshit